HERVÉ provides hardware material and software solutions : 

360° camera, HTC Vive, Oculus Rifts, Haptic Subpack, VR equipement and installations


- HERVÉ player and application so you can store and lauch your applications and videos simultaneously




KinoOne 5 to 7 gearVR headset or 2 Oculus Rift or 2 HTC vive 

KinoCinema includes 5 gearVR headset, 5 seats 360°, HERVE player and network infrastructure

KinoMini includes 2 gearVR headsets or 1 Oculus Rift or 1 HTC Vive

KinoPod includes Oculus or HTC VIVE Infrastructure 


We have the Kino you need ... And also the one you imagine - contact us.

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